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Increase Your Sales
& Customer Loyalty

Increase repeat orders with a customer loyalty ladder reward system. Cut out the middle man, share your promos and offers with your new and old customers directly.

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Increase your sales

Create Demand Generate Orders

Our customer loyalty system has been proven to increase business growth by an average of 40% and reduce marketing spend by up to 90%.


Ensure Customers Never Forget You

Get direct orders and bookings – cut out the middle man with your own custom loyalty app. Communicate directly with customers on slow days and send you promos straight to their phones. Create loyalty and easily reward your customers with a range of loyalty points, discounts and exclusive rewards for doing business with you. 

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Eliminate Platform Booking Fees

Stop Treatwell, Open Table, UberEats and others eating into your profits and save your hard earned money! Engage with your customers, attract new ones and let them order from you directly and hassle free.

Cotact Loyalty
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