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AI & Social Media Marketing – Is It Human Enough?

When we think about the applications and uses of artificial intelligence, the types of words that enter the conversation are usually efficiency, productivity, insight etc. Rarely do we use words such as emotional or authentic.

Blu Zetta Social Media Marketing AI Artificial Intelligence

In the world of social media marketing, where many of the decisions we make are based on algorithms and data led insights, the use of AI is becoming more useful in providing solutions to some of the data handling challenges we face.

As social media marketing becomes increasingly formulaic with stacks of demographic data, it has become more and more about the numbers. Audiences can now be targeted based on age, gender, location and behaviour – almost anything you can imagine is quantifiable now.

And with more data comes more problems, and it is this problem that has opened the door for the inclusion of AI in the solutions being built. There are currently several developments in this domain, and we are now seeing AI being used used to build and optimise online adverts, digging through the data and devising more effective strategies using the insights found.

But what about the creative challenge?

When it comes to the world of online marketing where attention is the asset, words such as “authenticity” become important, and AI must aspire to seem more human.

You or may not have heard of a term called banner-blindness; a way in which internet users filter out advertisements consciously and unconsciously, while browsing through websites. We’ve become desensitised to the bombardment of ads, and it’s now easy to spot adverts and promotions from a mile away.

Delivering adverts with precision, automating comparisons between campaigns and the ability to target with precision are all powerful tools, but understanding what people truly want is very much the secret formula to successful advertising campaigns – if we could say there was one.

Great copy, emotive images and a core message that resonates with the intended target audience.

Does it have the human touch?

Targeting your intended audience with precision and developing adverts they personally want to see is the best approach to social media marketing campaigns – balancing the act.

The capability of marketing AI saves countless hours, however, the human touch will always be central to winning business online.

An advert can stand out if it’s well positioned and perfectly targeted but it takes something uniquely human to communicate a message in a way that deeply resonates emotionally and causes action.

Never underestimate the power of human touch.

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