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Your Business VS Digital Disruption – What's Your Next Move?

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

In the coming months and years, the professional services industry is likely to become radically different from the one we have seen in the past. Even though the fundamental service and primary function of many will remain the same – the customer facing elements of all businesses will be drastically different as consumer habits and behaviours across all industries continues to see change.

The pandemic has only accelerated this change, as uptake of many technologies and behaviour as a whole has adapted to new ways of doing things. From zoom calls, and remote working systems, to AI and customer service automation, the way businesses operate has drastically changed over the past 12 months, and this change is set to continue.

Rapid technological development has also changed client demands and the need to offer clients greater value for money has become more imperative today than ever before.

Perhaps the biggest impact will not just come from new ways of organising and delivering professional services, but also the very nature of the ‘practical expertise’ that professionals deliver.

What is the reality for small & medium sized business' in such a climate?

So what will this mean for small, medium businesses, and independent freelancers; who often feel access to such technologies is beyond their reach?

Although it is often difficult to predict the direction of travel in times or radical change, we do know the key areas which are continuously being challenged in terms of disruption.

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are just two of the technologies that are currently having a significant impact on today’s enterprises. More than 1 in 5 UK businesses have already invested in AI projects so far, with more set to follow.

From smart AI and customer service solutions, chat bots, and lead generation – the impact of technology and artificial intelligence is reducing underlying costs associated with providing support, customer care, and ultimately the overall customer experiences at a time when consumers are seeking more interaction with businesses, with higher expectations.

New technologies are already changing the way operations are run and have the huge potential to drastically change the way the industry functions in the future. Companies must be prepared to embrace this or be left behind.

Those in the professional services industry have a choice: Disrupt or be disrupted.
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Whilst the above demonstrates several areas in which digital transformation and general business evolution will impact the professional services industry, there are numerous opportunities to be taken advantage of.

To be considered innovative and ahead of the game, professional services firms will need to ensure that technology and people strategies are aligned and working in harmony.

People ‘buy’ people, top talent is still needed across all industries however, firms need to become savvy around customer interaction, but in efficient ways, and building systems that automate the horse power element of their operation.

Essentially if they are to maintain competitive pricing in a climate where 90% of buyers are price sensitive, but in addition not only maintain service standards, but increase them as consumer expectation continues to rise – they must consider new ways of doing things.

We work with small and medium business to create customised and affordable solutions that enable them to play at higher level, save costs, and access technology which was previously deemed unaffordable.

Blu Zetta will give you a free 1-1 consultation, customised digital roadmap and brand strength survey – all designed to help ensure your business not only survives, but thrives in this new environment. Because change is no longer coming, but is here – and we will help you access it. All you need to do is get in touch.

Yours sincerely

– A BluZetterian



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