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Technology & Fostering A Vibrant Church Community

As a Christian, you know the importance of spreading God's word. But in this increasingly digital age, it can feel overwhelming to keep up with all the different ways to help your church grow and stay connected to your fellow believers.

Church growth is a complex topic. It's not just about having a website and social media accounts. People have come to expect more from churches these days, and they're expecting them to be visible on every platform they use throughout their day. This means that your church needs to be ahead of the curve when it comes to using all kinds of technology, including push notifications and other mobile tools that can help you engage your community wherever they are at any given moment in their lives.

As a church, you’re likely to be serving a more mobile community. While this can be challenging for some churches, it’s also an opportunity. If you’re looking to reach those who are on the go and need information quickly, church technology may be able to help you do just that.

Luckily for us, there are plenty of tools out there that make it easy for anyone—regardless of how tech savvy they are—to spread the gospel around the world!

These tools make it simple to lead prayer groups online or even have an entire Bible study group meet virtually through video chat or Google Hangouts. And if that weren't enough, these same platforms also allow users to keep track of their personal spiritual growth through daily scripture reading plans that provide updates on how close they are getting to completing their goal (or not!).


In a church environment, daily inspiration can help you engage your congregation and reach members who aren't as active. They're also a great tool for youth outreach, as they allow you to keep in touch with young people who may not be interested in interacting with social media on a regular basis.

Inspiring your congregation is a vital part of growing your church. There are many ways to do this, from the preaching of the gospel to worship services and Bible studies. However, one area that you may have overlooked is using digital technology to inspire people in new ways.

Here are some benefits of utilising digital technology for inspiration:

  • People are more likely to engage with content on mobile devices than they would be on other platforms like desktop computers or laptops (85% vs 75%). This means that if you create something specifically for a mobile device, it has a higher chance of being seen and appreciated by users compared with other types of media like websites or printed materials

  • Millennials prefer receiving information via text messages from companies/organisations (39%) as opposed to email newsletters (29%) or social media posts made by those same companies/organisations (26%).


In a world that's increasingly digital, innovation is no longer solely about the creation of new technologies. Innovation has shifted from being solely about technology and physical products to also include people, organisations, and processes. It's about solving problems for people (both internal and external). It's about helping people connect with others and grow in their faith.

The most effective innovations aren't just technology-driven—they're actually driven by the needs of those around us. If we want to create innovative methods for spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ, we need to start by asking questions like "How can we help kids connect?" or "How can we make it easier for new members to feel welcome at church?"


Let's face it, church growth is a challenge. It's not just some buzzword that gets thrown around by pastors or small groups at the local coffee shop; this is a real problem for churches of all sizes and denominations. If you're looking to grow your church, but aren't sure how or where to start, get in touch with us today.

There's a lot of potential for churches to employ digital technology as a tool for church growth. I'm sure not all churches will be able to do this, but I think many can use it effectively if they're willing to rethink their approach from scratch and adapt their methods accordingly.


  • The internet is now the most important source of information for many people, so it's crucial for churches to use digital technology in order to reach new audiences and keep up with modern trends in communication.

At Blu Zetta you are in good hands. Our team of experts has over 10 years of experience, with a team of designers, developers and project managers. You can trust us to deliver high-quality work that meets your specifications and fits within your budget.

We understand what it takes to create an engaging digital experience for your members that will lead them back into the doors of your church every week!

If you are wondering where to start, and would like some advice, schedule a free consultation with one of our digital consultants for further guidance. All you need to do is get in touch!

Yours sincerely

– A Blu Zetterian



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