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Plan B Lockdown survival tools for businesses and organisations.

A surge in Covid-19 Omicron variant cases has forced the government to consider implementing stronger restrictions. With many business and organisations facing uncertainty, the big question is how do we leverage technology to perform key activities, attract, retain and grow in a cost effective way. Here are some survival strategies and options to consider that will help you sustain your business and its profit margin.

Incorporating a robust digital marketing strategy which places your brand in-front of your ideal customers at the right time in your local area is a must.

If you have a website, re-targeting past website visitors through social media could be a great way of tracking already interested clients.This allows you to showcase your work, address any objections they may have and boost your credibility – which in turn reduces buyer hesitancy. Based on recent research, many users spend an increased time on the online in during lockdown, when compared with pre-lockdown figures.Through precision target marketing, intent based marketing and identifying look-alike audiences you could increase your sphere of influence and generate more revenue.

As the government discusses the potential of entering a full nationwide Lockdown in the UK, businesses must re-evaluate how they approach lead generation and customer care if they are to survive what looks like an uncertain future.

As customer expectations continue to increase, lack of immediate response from your team may cause some to loose interest and ultimately find a different provider. The use of artificial intelligence in customer care management and engagement is something businesses out to consider as a way to operate 24 hours per day without incurring additional costs. The beauty of an AI chat bot is that it can help you automate redundant activities such as responding to frequently asked questions. Moreover your prospective clients don't have to call you, email you or send contact forms so as to communicate with you or find the right information.

Businesses should also consider new communication channels as social distancing and the measure that accompany it, change the way consumers interact with businesses in this new landscape.

Having a mobile app can completely revolutionise your business. Use of mobile to access the internet has reached an ultimate high of 87%. Having a mobile app for your business allows your customers to easily schedule an appointment, pay for orders, shop from your online store, sign up for an event, donate and engage with like minded consumers just to mention a few.

The best part is you can conduct personalised marketing messages without the need to spend additional money on ad spend, and while helping you retain your customers in a cost effective manner. Unlike emails or other social media messaging channels push notification has a readability of about 90% within the first 5 minutes thus most of your adverts, reminders or content will have a higher conversion rate.

For other businesses it may be a matter of changing the way you do things completely and finding a new offering. For others it may simply be a matter of digitalisation of your current services and re-branding.

A good website and online presence increases your credibility and making it easy for people to the trust quality of your goods/ services. By branding your website professionally you reduce website bounce rate and increase website visit time, which in turn leads to higher conversions.

Preparing for uncertain times makes your business failure proof and reduces anxiety. These digital solutions allow your business to position it self as an authority in your field no matter what industry you are in. Essentially businesses should seek to re-emerge from this pandemic geared for success to ensure they not only survive, but thrive in the post pandemic landscape. Leveraging technology will be an essential part of this as digitalisation and disruption continues across all industries.

Blu Zetta is on a mission to small and medium businesses with the necessary digital solutions needed to excel in this climate.

If you are wondering where to start, and would like some advice, schedule a free consultation with one of our digital consultants for further guidance. All you need to do is get in touch!

Yours sincerely

– A BluZetterian



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